The Ryanair Gift Card Christmas FM Song Contest

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The Ryanair Gift Card Christmas FM Song Contest is here!

Entries for The Ryanair Gift Card Christmas FM Song Contest 2022 are now closed.

Public voting will take place from 9am Saturday 10th December to 6pm Sunday 11th December 2022. Check back then to vote.

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SONG A: ‘Home For Christmas’ Phil Redmond
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Phil Redmond is a singer songwriter from Dublin. The idea for this song ‘Home For Christmas’ came to him when he was thinking about people who were away last year for Christmas and how they will feel coming home this year,  to finally visit family and friends for the first time in a couple of years.


SONG B: ‘White Wexford Christmas’ Molly and Maisie O’ Reilly

White Wexford Christmas is sung by young sisters Molly & Maisie who live in the sunny South East of Ireland. They are aged just 10 & 13 years old.  This song was written by their Mum, Paula O’Reilly.  The girls had great fun in the studio recording this Christmas song!

SONG C: ‘Fire’ Ardú

Ardú is a six voice vocal band based in Dublin. They create music using just their voices and there are no instruments used on the track.  They focus on arranging songs by Irish singer songwriters. This version is an alternative take on a Christmas song, with darker undertones matching the nervousness and excitement felt on Christmas Eve.

SONG D: ‘Hitch me a ride’ John MacEvilly

‘Hitch me a ride’ is sung by Daniel Thomas from Mayo, and written by amateur songwriter John MacEvilly from Dublin and was recorded earlier this year. They hope that the song resonates with everyone during this festive month of December.

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