10 Reasons Why Love Actually Is The Perfect Christmas Film

It has its detractors but we think Love Actually is a perfect example of a great Christmas film.

After all, it deals primarily with love in all its forms and, at the end of the day, isn’t that what everyone wants for Christmas?

The overriding message is that the holidays are better when you spend them with the people who care about you and that’s good enough for us.

Here are ten reasons why we think Love Actually is a fabulous festive flick:

1. It proves that true love doesn’t always have to be romantic

Some of the film’s most powerful storylines involve platonic love – including Billy Mack and his manager, Daniel and his son and Sarah and her ill brother.

2. The characters are ridiculously relatable

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Whether it’s Martine McCutcheon hoping she doesn’t ‘f**k up on her first day at work’ or Hugh Grant doing the two-hand air-grab wave when he sees her in the hallway, we can all relate to the awkwardness of being around someone we fancy from afar!

3. It’s a bit naughty

While it’s easy to think that this is a family film, it’s important to remember that there’s a storyline involving two porn stand-in actors. Although it’s incredibly sweet and very funny, there’s a LOT of nudity. Be warned if you’re watching it with your parents! #awkward #i’lljustgopluginthekettle

4. It deals with the pain of unrequited love in the most beautiful scene ever

love actually

Andrew Lincoln’s declaration of love to Keira Knightley using placards has to be one of the most poignant moments in the whole film. The fact that it’s set to the tune of Silent Night and finally gives him the closure he needs makes it all the more perfect.

5. It has the greatest nativity scene ever

Involving every child in the Christmas play can be challenging so Love Actually got around it by being creative. According to the film’s primary school, Spiderman, several lobsters, a giant whale were all present at the birth of Jesus.

6. It’s hilarious

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Billy Mack’s radio interview (and his one with Ant OR Dec!), Jamie trying to communicate with his cleaning lady and Colin making plans to find love in the States are just a handful of our favourite moments from this classic film!

7. The soundtrack is brilliant

Joni Mitchell, Kelly Clarkson, Norah Jones, The Beach Boys and a stunning score by Craig Armstrong all help to make this film truly magical.

8. Hugh Grant’s dance 

The actor apparently didn’t want to do the dance and fought against it up until the actual day of shooting. It ended up being one of the massive highlights from the film. And we have to say, Hugh’s got some pretty slick moves!

9. There’s an epic airport scene

Every film needs a good airport chase right? And this one has an adorable one as Sam races across Heathrow to tell his classmate that how he feels about her.

10. Colin Firth’s Portuguese proposal is the cutest thing ever!

The subtitles accompanying Colin Firth’s character’s marriage proposal to Aurelia in Portugal crack us up every time we watch this film.

And then when we find out that she has learned English for him too….ah stop. Too cute. Go watch it immediately!

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