5 Fascinating Things You Never Knew About Home Alone

Home Alone, released in 1990, still reigns is one of the greatest family Christmas movies of all time.

You have probably seen it, but if not, it’s about a harassed extended family – the McAllisters – who head off for France for Christmas and in the flux or getting out the door they forget little Kevin (Culkin). At first he thinks his wish to get rid of his annoying family has been granted, but then a couple of sketchy fellas try to burgle his house.

It’s compulsory viewing each Christmas and to enhance your viewing we unearthed some amazing tidbits for fans of the McAllister clan!

Here are five fascinating things we bet you never knew about Home Alone:

The classic aftershave scene! Pic: 20th Century Fox
  1. Joe Pesci, who plays Harry, deliberately avoided Macauley Culkin on set because he wanted him to think he was really mean.
  2. The scary movie that Kevin watches, Angels with Filthy Souls, isn’t actually a real film – it’s a collection of footage created specifically for Home Alone! However, it is an homage to films of that era, most notably Angels with Dirty Faces starring James Cagney.
  3. Daniel Stern, who plays Marv in the film, was terrified of spiders and only agreed to the tarantula scene if it could be done in one take. His petrified scream was added in during post-production as a real scream would have scared the spider.

    Joe Pesci actually bit Macauley Culkin’s finger during a take! Pic: 20th Century Fox
  4. In one of the final scenes where Harry bites Kevin’s finger, Joe Pesci really bit Macauley Culkin and even left him with a scar!
  5. The Talkboy was originally just a prop created for the film but due to a massive letter-writing campaign it was made into a real product that was available for fans to purchase!

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