6 Things That Always Happen When Putting Up The Christmas Tree

It’s one of the best moments of the lead up to Christmas and the official start to the festive season in your home.

Yep, once the tree is up, Christmas is definitely around the corner! Here are a few things that always happen when you put it up…

1. It’s bigger than you think

It looked just right in the store but now that you’re trying to fit it into a certain spot in your living room, you’re having doubts that it’ll fit.

Just snip a few branches and it’ll be grand!

2. The trunk never fits perfectly into the base

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Trying to fit the tree trunk into the base you bought for the specific purpose of keeping the tree secure can be a nightmare.

Your best bet is to get one that has quite a thin base and then tighten around it.

3. It’s usually a bit lopsided 

Again, it looked perfect in the store! But now that you’ve finally got it secured and in the right spot, something is….off.

Just turn it 30 degrees clockwise. There you go, perfect!

4. The lights are a nightmare to untangle

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Every year you promise you’ll be put them away properly and you NEVER do. And eleven months later you pay for it all over again!

And don’t get us started on the blown bulbs…

5. There’s one patch that doesn’t look quite right no matter what you do

No matter how much tinsel you throw around it, there’s always one bit of the tree that looks a bit bare.

Try hanging an extra large bauble on the branch…that ought to do it!

6. It looks magical when it’s done!

No matter how messy things get during the decorating, you’re all in agreement that the tree looks absolutely amazing when you’re done.

And when you turn on the lights…ah here…best-looking tree ever. Quick, get it up on Instagram!

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