7 Songs That Will Get You Dancing This Christmas!

Christmas songs were made to make us feel good about the festive season but some are more upbeat than others.

And while there are some incredibly beautiful slow songs that fill our airwaves each December, we’d be lying if we said we liked them the best!

Our favourites are the toe-tapping, bell-jingling, feel-good floor fillers that really get us in the mood for Christmas.

Here are our top eight picks that will have you on your feet in no time!

1. John Legend – Bring Me Love


John Legend’s Christmas album is the music we never knew we needed in our lives. And this original song, Bring Me Love, is sure to be around for decades to come. Keep those hits coming, John!

2. Brenda Lee – Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree


This song never gets old! Brenda Lee’s Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree is the perfect song to bring a bit of atmosphere to any festive soirée.

Have a listen and we challenge you to keep your hips from swaying. It can’t be done!

3. Stevie Wonder – What Christmas Means To Me


Those bells. That beat. Those lyrics. That voice.

First recorded in 1967 by the inimitable Stevie Wonder, the song is still as catchy and fun as ever fifty years later.

4. Nathan Carter – Christmas Stuff


Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that Nathan Carter’s Christmas Stuff is a serious earworm.

And who doesn’t love an aul jive around the kitchen during the festive season? Definitely one your mam and dad will love!

5. The Ronettes – Sleigh Ride


There’s something about that horse whinny right before the instrumental really kicks in that makes us feel so Christmassy.

Which is ironic because, rumour has it that composer Leroy Anderson got the idea for the song during a heat wave in July 1946! 

6. Britney Spears – My Only Wish (This Year)


Britney’s distinctive pop voice brings a modern flavour to this cracking tune about finding love at Christmas.

We love this song for its hope, optimism and unrelenting beat!

7. Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas Is You


It’s the ultimate Christmas anthem and Richard Curtis’ inspiration for the hit holiday film, Love Actually, so we couldn’t leave this list here without mentioning Mariah.

She co-wrote the song in fifteen minutes, recorded it in the month of August and apparently, didn’t want to release a Christmas album at all! And now it earns her millions in royalties every year. Nice work if you can get it, eh?

Still though, we reckon it’s worth every penny. CHOOOOON!