Aine O’Neill

About Me:

I’m a movie-mad Christmas helper here on Christmas FM. I have an abundance of Christmas movie facts stored in my brain such as – did you know that most movie snow scenes are created from potato flakes? Yummy!

When I’m not obsessing about movie facts and trivia I dedicate all of my time to music; writing music, teaching music and producing music.

Your role at Christmas FM:


Why Christmas FM:

Christmas FM is an amazing organisation that not only launches Christmas throughout the country but it also raises vital funds for some extremely worthwhile charity partners, I’m very lucky to be involved in the crazy and fun community.

My Favourite Christmas Song:

Christmas Movie Soundtracks find their way to the top of my playlist especially John Williams score for ‘Home Alone’ & Danny Elfmans music for ‘Nightmare before Christmas’.

My Favourite Christmas Food:


My Favourite Christmas Movie:

Home Alone

My Favourite Christmas Tradition:

A relatively new tradition but I’m loving the Christmas morning swim at the 40ft. This tradition started the same year I started in Christmas FM (2016)

Where I’m From:

I’m a Mullingar girl, who has traveled as much as possible with a constant itch in my feet to see the world, currently resting these itchy feet in Dublin.

My Elf Name is:

Elfman Aine