Apply to be our 2016 charity partner

UPDATE: Please note that the application process is now closed. Please do not submit an application as we will be unable to review it.

We are now taking submissions with the view to partnering with us as the official Christmas FM charity for 2016.

We don’t have an application form as such, so we usually suggest a charity send us a proposal bearing in mind the following points:

  • The appeal of the charity’s work across Ireland. The charity needs to have a connection with a listeners in Cork, Galway and Dublin for example. We can’t accept a charity that’s work is based within a small geographical area of Ireland.
  • The charity is an Irish based charity registered in Ireland (please provide registration number).
  • The goal of the campaign, whether it’s fundraising, awareness or both and how that can be presented to our listeners.
  • Is the charity looking to resource and fund a large single project or help many small individual service users.
  • The appeal and “the ask” to the listener. Will the charity connect with the listener?
  • The use of the donations made by listeners. What will their Euro do? Can the funds raised be ring fenced? What exactly will they be used for? Please consider how to portray case studies on the radio in short bite sized recordings such as 30, 40 or 60 seconds.
  • The manpower to help run the campaign with the station during December – e.g. taking calls on our donation day? How many lines and personnel are available?
  • The PR work that the charity can do in order to raise awareness of the campaign and the station. Is there an in house or external PR/social media team that can work on the campaign?
  • How much of each €1 goes directly to help? For example out of every €1 collected, 89 cent might go directly to help person XX.
  • If we go with an awareness campaign instead of, or, as well as a fundraising campaign this year, how do you see both or either working? In 2013, for the first time, we did an awareness and fundraising campaign where we focused on both 50/50. How can the awareness be measured?
  • Please provide full contact details for your organisation.

Submitting your application:

Please send us a hard copy and a soft copy of your application.

Please send a hard copy to our office address:


(Note that the maximum file size for e-mail attachments is 15mb. If your application is larger we recommend sharing by Dropbox or Google Drive. You can include your application on a USB key with your hard if you wish)

Closing date for applications:

We will accept applications during March 2016 with the closing date being 5pm on Thursday, March 31st for submissions.

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