The Most Captivating Christmas Commercials Ever Made!

Christmas commercials are a huge part of the festive season and every year, we are treated to some great ones!

But only a select few will truly stand the test of time and be played over and over again.

Here are our picks of the most captivating Christmas commercials ever:

  • Holidays Are Coming, Coca Cola (1995)

Holidays Are Comin’ first aired in the 90’s and featured a dramatic convoy of bright, shiny, red Coca Cola trucks. which amazingly were covered in 30,000 light bulbs each.

It also  featured an appearance from father Christmas himself and that catchy jingle you just can’t forget. Since then many have tried to recreate such onscreen magic, but you just can’t beat an original.

  • Make Christmas, Dunnes Stores (2014)

In 2014, Dunnes Stores released Make Christmas, which tells the story of a young man walking home in the snow, among people young and old, enjoying the wonder of the festive season.

At home he gives his daughter the novel “A Christmas Carol”, it’s a book that been handed down to him through the generations. Inside the cover there’s a simple message that reads  “To Sarah, Happy Christmas, Love Dad”.

  • Kellogg’s Corn Flakes (1991)

One of the most Captivating Christmas Commercials ever, has to be the infamous Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Ad from 1991.

It stars three young children on Christmas Eve, leaving a bowl of Cornflakes out for Santa Clause before his arrival. The children fall asleep until Santa’s sleigh bells awaken the youngest little girl. She and Santa then share the bowl of cereal, quietly though, as not to awaken the rest of her family…

  • Sweet build up, Cadbury Roses (1985)

A Captivating Christmas Commercials is one we watch, take to our hearts and can’t get enough of –  Cadbury roses, sweet build up,  from 1985 is no different.

This short but effective ad shows an empty Christmas table, rapidly filling up with one of ireland’s favorite chocolate treats. Along with the catchy festive jingle and retro packaging from the 80’s – we just can’t get enough!

  • The Bear and the Hare, John Lewis (2013)

John Lewis scored a massive Christmas hit when the company launched “The Bear and The Hare” in 2013.

The hare longs to share Christmas with his friend the bear but the bear is always in hibernation. He solves the problem by gifting the bear an alarm clock. The bear wakes up just in time for Christmas Day with all his friends and family.

The soundtrack featured, “Somewhere Only We Know”  by Lily Allen, was subsequently number one for 3 weeks following the campaign.

  • The Snowman, An Post (2005)

An Post were definitely walking on air when they released The Snowman in 2005.

It’s no surprise that a Christmas character as great as The Snowman, who comes to life and flies with a young boy, would become so popular.

This ad and its music have since become staples of an Irish Christmas and a fond memory from Christmases past.

  • Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup (1998)

Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup ad became a firm fan favourite when it was released in 1998.

Starring a snowman who leaves the freezing outdoors to enter a warm, cozy, festive household.

The snowman eventually melts after drinking a hot bowl of soup, revealing a young boy, who was the snowman all along.

  • Man on the Moon, John Lewis (2015)

Another Captivating Christmas Commercials is Man on the Moon launched by John Lewis in 2015. Sit back because this one is a real tear-jerker.

A young girl is forever trying to contact her friend, an elderly man who lives on the moon. Every evening she uses her telescope to check up on him, to make sure he’s okay.

On Christmas Day the girl receives a present from her mother, she sends the gift to the moon using balloons and they eventually reach the man! The gift is a telescope and the man can now see the little girl too and knows he’s not alone.

  • Magical Place, Toys R Us (1989)

One of the most Captivating Christmas Commercials ever has to be the iconic Toys R Us commercial ‘Magical Place’.

The US retailer first aired the commercial in 1989 and it’s best known for its catchy jingle, “There’s a magical place, we’re on our way there”.

It was brought back to the UK in 2009 as the retailer celebrated its 25th anniversary there. Since then this classic has lost none of its charm!

  • The Boy and The Piano, John  Lewis (2018)

Yes, they’ve done it again. In 2018 John Lewis launched The Boy and The Piano.

A  story about the power of a gift and how it inspired and changed a little boy’s life. The boy just so happens to be musical icon, Elton John.

The ad works backwards through Elton’s life, until the moment when as a young boy, on Christmas day he received a piano – gift that truly changed his life forever.

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