We are pleased to announce that Sightsavers have been chosen as the 2017 charity partner of Christmas FM!

Give the gift of sight this Christmas, as we save over 5,000 people worldwide from a life of blindness, by providing sight-restoring operations through our charity partner, Sightsavers. Christmas FM will be back on air in just over 60 days….and we can’t wait!

About Sightsavers

Sightsavers is an international charity working in the world’s poorest countries to eliminate avoidable blindness and promote equality of opportunity for people with disabilities.

This Christmas, Sightsavers and Christmas FM are asking you to give the gift of sight to people like Criscent (pictured above).

Meet Criscent

“I can see colours! I can kick a ball! These joyful words from six-year-old Criscent just a day after his cataract operation. Our donor’s generosity made this life-changing operation possible.

This delightful little boy lives with his grandmother on a farm in Uganda. Criscent had a tough start in life, losing his mother and having cataracts in both eyes. Time was running out – he urgently needed an operation, but his grandmother couldn’t afford it. 

After the age of eight the brain stops learning to see, so even if a child’s cataracts are removed, the child will remain blind.

Just an hour after Criscent’s bandages were removed he was running around kicking a ball and throwing a Frisbee – all for the very first time.

The good news is that Criscent’s eyes have healed well and he has now been fitted with glasses. He has started school and can play with all the other children. Thanks to the generosity of people like you, his future is bright.

Give the Gift of Sight

You can change someone’s life this Christmas. Will you give the gift of sight?