These are the best Christmas Dog memes you’ll see today!

They’re cute, they’re cuddly and they can wreak havoc on your house over Christmas!

Our furry friends often don’t know what to make of the festive season – especially when its their first – leading to a series of hilarious consequences.

Here are some of our favourite Christmas Dog memes from the internet that showcase our canine friends’ true feelings about the holidays…

1. They’re always hungry. ALWAYS.

christmas dog

2. They have to be monitored constantly

3. See Point 2

4. Seriously, constant vigilance is needed  

5. They think they’re being helpful…

6. Many are not fans of the novelty headgear we make them wear

7. They REALLY don’t like the Christmas tree

8. They love a bit of snow!

9. Despite their mischief, they make Christmas even better and we wouldn’t be without them!

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