Christmas FM needs you this donation day

At Christmas FM we like to deliver on our promises and we need you to help us keep a very important one.

We are aiming to raise one million euro over the next three years for children in need in Ireland and it’s you – our glorious and kind listeners – who call the shots on whether we do this.

Donation day is this Tuesday December 22nd and we need you!

We know this year it’s harder to make ends meet, there’s little spare cash sploshing around but some face deeply serious troubles which are ruining young lives around Ireland.

We all have a duty of care to help children faced with trauma such as poverty, abuse, neglect and bereavement and to support kids whose lives are affected by serious childhood illnesses.

By donating to Christmas FM you will be helping provide targeted support to ten thousand children who need help – there is no better return on investment for your money. 

Because research into adverse childhood experiences consistently shows adverse experiences in childhood are associated with an increased risk of many problems in later life ; we have to intervene to try and do what we can to prevent this sad reality from playing out. 

The bottom line is we can’t let these children down. We know you feel the same way.

Look, we would be lying if we said we did not love coming into work. 

Christmas FM is a joyful place. 

We have fun, we bring fun. We love this, your joy in the station delights us  – but the main reason we exist is to raise money for charity.

Our on-air presenters are all volunteers giving up their time for this reason.

This year the Magic of Christmas brings together best known children’s charities ; Barnardos, Barretstown and Make-A-Wish Ireland and the Community Foundation for Ireland. 

We have proved ourselves. 

This year is Christmas FM’s fifteenth birthday and since we began broadcasting the station has raised over 3 million euro for a range of charities. 

We know it’s not easy lately to pay the bills. But if you can help, even with a few euros, it all adds up. 

That saying that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” is true. 

Together we can make a big difference and make life better for children who need that help.

So, please, click on that donate button. 

And thank you!

With love from the Christmas FM team

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