Christmas FM – 10 Years Old!

Christmas FM, Ireland’s Christmas station first hit the airwaves in 2008 as a Dublin-only operation. The idea for the station had been born out of a discussion over drinks on a warm august evening, a mere three months earlier. The four principals had all worked individually on radio projects over a long number of years […]

Feast your eyes on these festive eyebrows!

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Which Eartha Kitt Gift would you want?

The ten best (or worst) Christmas jokes!

‘Tis the season to be jolly, so we’re taking a look at some of the season’s best (or, depending on your taste, worst) jokes before we get our hands on the Christmas crackers! Q: Why did the elf go to the Podiatrist? A: Because he had mistletoe.   Q: Why did Santa ban fizzy drinks […]

Are you a ‘Love Actually’ Superfan?

Are you a Scrooge, a Santa… or someone else?

Christmas FM UK Survey

Christmas FM Ireland Survey 2017

Almost half of all Irish people purchase locally when shopping for Christmas according to Christmas FM survey 18% of us are very organised and pick up Christmas gifts throughout the year! 30% of us will spend between €250 and €500 on our Christmas gifts Barbie and Action Man bring back the happiest memories and take […]

Is Die Hard A Christmas Movie?

It’s not Christmas Without…

Have yourself a record-breaking Christmas

The Guinness Book of World Records is full of fascinating – and sometimes strange – achievements. So if you’re looking to make your Christmas more memorable this year, why not try your hand at besting one of the many festive feats? If you’re a dab hand at decorating, then there are plenty of options. Maybe […]

Five festive phrases as Gaeilge

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Here’s How To Make Your Own Snow Globe!

IT’S SNOWING! As in, it could be. In the jar. That you make. With fake snow. Ok, I’m sorry that was mean. Let’s start again. Would you like to make your very snow globe? Well, once again we have you sorted. There are many different ways to make these but here is a general idea […]

How about a game of Christmas Charades!

Charades is a classic game. There is no denying it. It is a game we all play growing up and is synonymous with big groups of people laughing their heads off. It involves channeling our imagination, inner child and goofiness. It is imperative that you leave all sanity and ‘caring of what people think of […]

The Magic of a Brown Paper Bag!

School is nearly finished for the festive season but there is still time to add a bit of Christmas Pizzazz to the school lunches. All you will need is a brown paper bag and a few other bits and bobs. More specifically, you are about to build a portable Rudolph! Not only does this make […]

A Christmas Family Tree!

The best way to calm children down when they have raided the Cadbury Roses tin and are running around high on sugar is a simple arts and crafts task. This one is for the whole family and can be added to, each year or you can make a brand new one. A Christmas Tree made […]

You’ll Never Give a Present the Same Way Again!

Why just hand someone a Christmas present when you can make it fun, hilarious or ridiculously difficult for the recipient. Here are a few ideas of exchanging gifts this festive season: The Rotating Gift Box: Wrap up a box with a few little bits for a friend, along with a note. Post it off. This […]

You’ll Wonder Why You Didn’t Start This Tradition Sooner!

If you are like me, you probably have numerous moments through the week when you say ‘Ugh, to be a kid again’. At no other time in the year is it more prevalent than at Christmas time. Well just a warning for what is about to come, this tradition idea won’t help the ‘wanting to […]

You Will Get Props For This One!

Do you want to be the hostessessessess of all hostesses? Well we have the icing on the cake, the thing that will tip it over the edge and bring your host status to an unbeatable level. Let’s face it, Props make everything more fun. From a party popper to a crown made of balloons, they […]

Everybodies favourite? Christmas Pictionary!

So, if you were tuning in on Tuesday’s Breaky Show with Gift Giving Garvan, Lapland Laura and myself then you would have heard the topic for discussion; Board games or Card Games? It’s a very important question. It got me thinking, what games do I actually play on Christmas day with my family and I […]

You’ve got to have them…Edible Decorations!

What could possibly be better than spending an evening decorating the tree, sipping on some mulled wine, listening to….well, Christmas Fm. How about eating your Christmas decorations? To be honest that would defeat the purpose of making them as decorations for the tree if they don’t make it to the tree. So, maybe limit the […]

It’s the most wonderful time to Declutter and Decorate!

Ever wondered what to do with your old CDs? Gone are the days that we would pop an album into our disc man and trot off, happy as Larry. Whether you still listen to CD’s (you retro little thing you) or you would like to readily destroy all evidence of an embarrassing music phase (we’ve […]

This Unique Christmas Tree Idea is Egg-cellent!

I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to Christmas I’m a traditionalist. I don’t appreciate change at this time of year. So if a friend were to casually approach me to tell me they have built a Christmas tree out of egg cartons…well I think I would firstly question how much mulled […]

Time to brush up on your Bingo Lingo!

Now, I am a big fan of Bingo and funnily enough it always reminds me of Christmas. It’s a family tradition to attend the Christmas Bingo festivities at our local golf club. We dress in our Christmas jumpers, maybe a casual piece of tinsel in the hair and stuff our faces with Cadbury Roses. To […]

Dunk The Bells!

This is a very festive innocent version of a game many of us know too well. It is such an easy set up. All you will need are red plastic cups, Christmas baubles and a table. This is a game for the more energetic family members and for those who somehow managed to pace themselves […]

Do you want to build a snowman?

Every year we wish for a white Christmas, most years we do not receive. Even though if it did snow we would probably find someway of struggling to complete our daily lives or complain about it after two days; ‘I mean, it’s great until is turns to grey sludge!’ or ‘I slipped on the ice […]

Get inspired with these tree-mendous Christmas conifers

It’s now less than three weeks until Christmas Day, which means you can probably stop worrying about whether it’s too soon to stick your favourite piece of December decor in the living room corner. And if it’s hard for you to start thinking about clearing a space and getting your baubles and tinsel out, you might take some inspiration from some of […]

Get Decorating With These Great Christmas Pine Cones

Go out for a walk near a park or wooded area and you’ll see that pinecones seem to be everywhere at our feet this time of year. Amazingly, there’s plenty of fun and easy ways to repurpose them as Christmas decorations, and what better excuse to start the Christmas season than to start with a few pinecones? Now that […]

The Toys of Christmas Past – Did Santa bring these to you?

Did Santa bring you these toys when you were younger? or maybe you’re still waiting for some of them to arrive! 😉 The Christmas FM elves have put together this list of the most loved toys from our childhoods.   Did we miss one of your favourites? Send us a tweet and let us know what […]

Eyes down, it’s time for Christmas Bingo

A game of Christmas bingo can make any Christmas party a whole lot of fun, whether it’s for a party or just to play at home. Here, you can download special Christmas bingo cards for free, as well as everything you need to play Christmas bingo for four people too. You can print them out […]

14 Christmas Cards We’d Love To Send

At Christmas FM, we know how much thought goes into giving at this time of year. Getting the right gift or card for someone important requires far more than expense; to use the old cliché, it’s the thought that counts. So if you’re looking to give someone something small that’s just a little bit different, you could do worse than to take inspiration […]

Edam of God!

Everyone knows that Christmas is a unique occasion in the culinary calendar. Turkey, stuffing and sprouts briefly come out of hibernation and land on our dinner tables, and the festive season is so special that it even has its own holiday cake! But a food artist in England has defied that trend to put an […]

14 Christmas Jumpers We Wish We Owned…

At Christmas FM, we like to encourage any attempt to dress a bit more seasonally for the time of year that’s in it. That’s why we’re so happy that Christmas jumpers have become a bit of a festive tradition in recent years. So when we came across the following jumpers, needless to say we were more than a little impressed… 1. Space Invaders […]

Adorable Dog Waiting On Santa Video Of The Day

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