Everybodies favourite? Christmas Pictionary!

So, if you were tuning in on Tuesday’s Breaky Show with Gift Giving Garvan, Lapland Laura and myself then you would have heard the topic for discussion; Board games or Card Games?

It’s a very important question.

It got me thinking, what games do I actually play on Christmas day with my family and I have to say there is a clear winner. Yes, Duck Duck Goose.


Pictionary. The game that brings so much laughter, concentration, frustration, relationship breakdowns…it’s great really. If you don’t possess the game and/or you don’t want to go and buy it, fear not, we have a better idea for you. Introducing the soon to be Legendary Christmas Pictionary (Chrictionary?). All you need:

  1. Two teams
  2. Paper and pen
  3. A list of Christmas Carols

The idea is that a person from each team will pick out a piece of paper with a Christmas Carol written on it. They will then proceed to explain the Carol through drawing, for their team. No speaking or gestures allowed. The team that guesses their respective Christmas Carol first, WINS. If you would like to make it more hilarious, the losing team from each round must perform the winning teams Christmas Carol.

This game always results in a lot of laughter and the channeling of your inner creative genius or lack there of.

Happy drawing!


Written by Kris Kindle Katie 


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