The Christmas Survey 2016

The results of the Annual Christmas FM survey (2016) are in!

We’re still a generous lot!
It’s revealed that we are a generous nation with almost one in every two (48%) donating to charity every month throughout the year. A further 40% of people make the effort to donate to charity at Christmas and we continue our selfless actions with 87% of us preferring to give presents to our loved ones as opposed to just 13% of people who look to receive.

What’s our tipple?
To help get us in the festive mood, many of us enjoy a Christmas tipple with 45% of us choosing hot chocolate as our favourite seasonal treat to warm us up at winter. Mulled wine is another popular choice with 27% naming this as their number one Christmas drink. More than half of us (56%) know its Christmas as soon as the tins of chocolate make their way into the house with mince pies (21%), sherry trifle (12%) and Christmas pudding (11%) also listed among our favourites.

Hard to buy for!
Our better halves cause us the most heart-ache when it comes to shopping at Christmas. More than one in four of us (27%) find choosing the right present for our partner / spouse as the hardest gift to purchase, with Dad’s causing us almost as much difficulty (26%). The all-time classic Barbie and her male counter-part Action Man have had a lasting impression on many of us over the years as these toys claim the coveted spot as our favourite gift of all time (13%) with receiving a pet (8%) as our second favourite gift of all time.
Further interesting insights from the 2016 Christmas FM survey include:

  • The build-up is our favourite part of Christmas (42%) – shopping, hearing Christmas songs and nights out
  • The real Christmas tree (53%) is still the preferred choice, but only marginally
  • Home Alone is the all-time favourite Christmas movie with The Pogues, ‘Fairytale in New York’ the favourite Christmas song
  • Fairy lights are the favourite Christmas decoration (61%) with homemade decorations the second favourite (22%)
  • 50% of us believe Christmas is a time to be spent with all the family with a further 28% of believing Christmas is about taking the time to be thankful and reflective. Only 17% of people focus on Christmas as a religious occasion
  • Jamie Dornan is the number one male Irish celebrity people would like Santa to leave under their Christmas tree (30%) followed closely by Liam Neeson (27%) and Colin Farrell (20%)
  • Laura Whitmore was streaks ahead (41%) of Vogue Williams (24%) and Roz Purcell (18%) as the preferred Irish female people would like Santa to leave under their Christmas tree
  • 1 in 7 of us would take the opportunity to escape to the sun during the Christmas break

The Christmas FM survey is based on 900 responses to an online survey conducted in December 2016.