Claire Murrihy

About Me:

I’m originally from Tralee, Co. Kerry but I’ve lived in Dublin since I moved for college at the age of 18. I’m a Digital Content Producer with ISPCC and my passions are writing, music, TV and reading. I’m a complete sucker for all things Christmas so this station is officially my happy place!  I’ll be spending the holiday season with my husband John, our dog Otis and family and I can’t wait!  It’s truly a privilege to be a part of Christmas FM – a station that brings joy to so many people around the world.

Your role at Christmas FM:

Brekkie Show co-host – Christmas Stories

Why Christmas FM:

Christmas FM is pure joy. I’m always delighted at the amount of people who tell me ‘We love listening to you on Christmas FM’ or ‘I heard you this morning!’ every year. We’re bombarded with bad news all year round and I think people are only delighted to switch their radio station to Christmas FM at the end of November and keep it there until after Christmas. It’s all I listen to in the car and at home!

My Favourite Christmas Song:

White Christmas – Bing Crosby

My Favourite Christmas Food:

Mince Pies

My Favourite Christmas Movie:

Love Actually

My Favourite Christmas Tradition:

Eating Christmas dinner with all my family!

Where I’m From:

Tralee, Co. Kerry

My Elf Name is:

Beaker Fluffy Paws