It’s the most wonderful time to Declutter and Decorate!


Ever wondered what to do with your old CDs? Gone are the days that we would pop an album into our disc man and trot off, happy as Larry. Whether you still listen to CD’s (you retro little thing you) or you would like to readily destroy all evidence of an embarrassing music phase (we’ve all been there) it’s time to get creative! Instead of throwing them out filled with bitter resentment, why not make them sparkle on your Christmas tree?

What do you need?

  1. Your ancient CD collection (you’ll have enough fun going through these before any glitter gets involved)
  2. A scissors
  3. Glue
  4. Clear baubles
  5. Something to fill the bauble (optional)


So you can take out any built up frustration by snipping away at each CD. As you can see the idea is to then make a mosaic style bauble out of the sparkly remnants. Before you know you’ll have Six, There’s a Whole Lotta Lovin’, hanging from your tree or in other words your FAVOURITE single of all time.

Don’t judge. 

Written By Kris Kindle Katie 


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