Dunk The Bells!

This is a very festive innocent version of a game many of us know too well. It is such an easy set up. All you will need are red plastic cups, Christmas baubles and a table. This is a game for the more energetic family members and for those who somehow managed to pace themselves over dinner and aren’t currently in a comatose state from having the roastie that was one too many.

Divide into two teams and get ready to become extraordinarily, uncharacteristically competitive. Each team stand at either end of the table. In turn a team member will aim to throw a Christmas bauble or bell into one of the red cups. To make it more intense, make each row worth a certain number of points, or if the team manage to eliminate a whole row, perhaps a little well-deserved present can be provided as an incentive.


It is absolutely compulsory that both teams bring out their best festive gear, be that Christmas jumpers, lights, crowns…the whole lot. I would even go as far as suggesting bonus points for the best dressed team.

The more team love the better, the adjudicator can throw more points to a team who can come up with the best group  name, team chant…the list is endless really. So make sure all valuables are packed away, the celebrations can be somewhat destructive to surrounding props.

To step it up a gear, why don’t you finish the game with a mini competition within the competition. Get both teams to create a Christmas Red Cup Wreath out of the cups used in the game. Provide sellotape or glue, some festive bows and a bit of glitter for good measure. To really put the teams under pressure you can give them a time limit. The most creative, weird and wonderful wreath wins!


Not to put too much pressure on, but Christmas day is just around the corner. Let me be more specific, you have seventeen days to practice.

On your marks, get set, THROW!

Written by Kris Kindle Katie 

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