Edam of God!

Everyone knows that Christmas is a unique occasion in the culinary calendar. Turkey, stuffing and sprouts briefly come out of hibernation and land on our dinner tables, and the festive season is so special that it even has its own holiday cake!

But a food artist in England has defied that trend to put an unconventional twist on an otherwise familiar food.    

In an alternative type of cheesy Christmas hit, Prudence Staite from Gloucestershire, U.K. has crafted a Biblical Nativity scene using 40 kilograms of cheddar.


Staite has constructed the traditional Mary and Joseph with newly ripened Cheesus, whose tiny crib is so intricate it even features shaved cheese straw.

The scene is complete with donkeys, sheep, a cow and brie Wise Men – who carry Branston Pickle gifts for the baby Cheesus, all of which were made in Staite’s workshop in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire.

“It was about five days of sculpting”, Staite said of the son of Gouda. “[It was one of those jobs I took on without really knowing what I was doing.”

Staite has also created a 9ft edible gingerbread house in Soilhull, which includes a mound of gingerbread bricks, candy canes and a huge amount of icing.

Definitely food for thought when we’re tucking into our Christmas dinner!

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