You’ve got to have them…Edible Decorations!

What could possibly be better than spending an evening decorating the tree, sipping on some mulled wine, listening to….well, Christmas Fm. How about eating your Christmas decorations? To be honest that would defeat the purpose of making them as decorations for the tree if they don’t make it to the tree. So, maybe limit the consumption to one each. The consumption of what exactly I hear you ask?


I think cap locks was necessary for that announcement. If you have your own gingerbread recipe than go for it. Mary Berry has a great one and also my good friend Nigella, click here to see the ingredients list and how to make these festive treats. If you really don’t trust yourself not to consume every single last crumb of these cookies, then add in the black pepper suggested by Nigella, the kiddies will learn pretty quickly too.

This is the perfect creative experience for a weekend afternoon with the kids or if you have equally as obsessed with Christmas friends, why not have them over for a night of Christmas jumpers and gingerbread making. FUN!


Written by Kris Kindle Katie

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