Elf Academy: A Lesson In Caring

Hello everyone and welcome to another class at Elf Academy!

Today’s lesson is Caring. Showing someone you care about them brightens their day and a happy elf is a better elf.

Here are some simple ways to show someone you care :

  • Ask someone can you help them
  • Share your last chocolate
  • Give them a compliment
  • Cook them their favourite meal or sweet treat (get help from an elder elf)

Image result for child cooking

  • Make a cup of tea without being asked (get help from a elderelf)
  • Ask if they’re OK
  • Give a spontaneous hug – make sure you ask if they would like a hug
  • Say thank-you for something
  • Say ‘I love you’ for no reason
  • Remember important dates like birthdays
  • Save the last/biggest piece of cake for them
  • Do a cleaning job/household chore without being asked

Image result for child cleaning

  • Take an interest in something you know they such as their favourite sportsteam, tv show etc
  • Send flowers for no reason
  • Grownups might pay it forward by paying for the toll of the person behind them
  • Put a note in with their lunch

A good elf does something elfless every day!

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