Elf Academy: How To Wrap The Perfect Christmas Present

Hello and welcome to another class at Elf Academy! Today’s lesson is all about wrapping presents.

The first skill elves learn is to wrap Christmas presents as it is one of their primary duties as Santa’s Little Helpers.

While wrapping has become more technologically advance in recent years, the Elves are keen for everyone to know exactly how to wrap a gift by hand.

Here are some Elf Tips for wrapping presents:

  • Ask an elder Elf for help
  • Make sure the paper is the right size
  • Cut the tape into little pieces before you start

Wrapped Method:

1 Lay out the wrapping paper and put the gift evenly in the middle.

2. Measure twice to make sure you only have to cut once. Get out the estimated amount, wrap it but don’t crease it, and then cut any excess!

3. Fold the long sides up and tape in the middle.

4. Crease the corners into the shape of the present.

5. Fold the remaining flaps over the creases you just made.

6. Tape again and you’re done folding!

7. Cut a small rectangle and write the person its from (you) and the person it’s going to. Add a bow and you’re done!

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