This Family’s Hilariously Chaotic Christmas Cards Have Gone Viral

Some people are just so creative!

An American family has racked up thousands of likes on social media thanks to their hilariously chaotic family Christmas cards.

For the last five years, Jonathan Stanley and his family have chosen to send festive cards that show them in various states of domestic disaster!

The North Carolina native told the Press Association that it started by accident when their first attempt at a holiday card with their new baby went completely wrong.

I try to capture the essence of raising boys in our Christmas cards. Now they have a baby sister. Here they are. from funny

He said: ‘The baby cried the whole time, it was windy, the camera kept misfiring, you name it. If two of us looked OK, the third one blinked or sneezed or something.

‘From there the tradition was born – instead of trying to capture perfect family photos for our Christmas cards, we would try to capture the chaos of parenting.’

Jonathan admitted that the 2016 is his favourite because he couldn’t believe how many people thought he had actually put his children on the roof!

The cards were such a big hit with his family and friends that Jonathan decided to upload them to Reddit where they’ve notched up tens of thousands of likes!

We can see why. What a brilliant idea!

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