5 Great Things To Do On Your First Christmas In Your New Home

Finally moving into your new home is a momentous time in anyone’s life. Even more special is when you prepare it for your first Christmas – now you’re really a grownup!

Here are five ways to make it memorable…

1. Make a day of it and go shopping for the perfect tree

There’s something extra special about having your own home to decorate and you want to make sure to pick the best tree possible to mark the special occasion.

The bigger the better!

2. Pick your favourite colour scheme and go nuts!

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If you’ve been living at home until now, you’ve had to hang up your parents’ decorations until now. Or perhaps you were renting and didn’t want to go overboard in case the landlord wasn’t best pleased.

Now, not only do you get to choose the ornaments and baubles – you get to pick the colour scheme and really put your own stamp on it.

3. Start a new tradition

This is the perfect time to start your own tradition that’s unique to your home. You could have a tree-trimming party, light a candle on Christmas Eve, hang up stockings with your names on them or going to a carol service.

Drive-in Christmas movies are popular again – why not go to one of those? Whatever you choose, Christmas is on your terms now!

4. Have people over for festive get-together

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Whether it’s having the neighbours over for mince pies and mulled wine on Christmas morning, the family over for Christmas dinner or having your pals over on the last weekend before the 25th, you’re going to love showing off your new home to everyone!

5. Spend a night in watching Christmas films and enjoying your handiwork!

There’s nothing better than relaxing in your own home in the lead up to Christmas day. Choose your favourite festive flick, prepare your food of choice and kick back for a truly fab night in.

Ah bliss!

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