Five festive phrases as Gaeilge

If you’d like to use your píosa Gaeilge this Christmas, here are five key phrases that might be useful.

1 – Nollaig Shona
Pronounced – Null-ig Hun-ah

Meaning – Happy Christmas.
There’s lots to learn with this term. Sona is the Irish word for happy, and Nollaig is the Irish word for both Christmas and December. It’s also the translation for the names Noel and Noelle.

2 – Daidí na Nollag
Pronounced – Daddy nah Null-ug

Meaning – The man of the hour: Santa Claus
Literally meaning ‘Father Christmas’, the big guy also goes by the name San Nioclás (San Nick-laws), or St Nicholas.

3 – Bachlóga Bruiséile
Pronounced – Bock-low-ga Brish-ey-la

Meaning – brussel sprouts
Mamaí agus dadaí will be very impressed if you ask for ‘níos mó bachlóga bruiséile’ at the dinner table!

4 – Maisigh
Pronounced – Moshee

Meaning – to decorate
It’s as fun to say as it is to do! The items you use to decorate are called maisiúcháin (mosh-ewe-kaw-in).

5 – Athbhliain faoi shéan is faoi mhaise duit!
Pronounced – Ah-vlee-in fwee hayn iss fwee visha ditch

Meaning – Happy New Year!
To prove how beautiful the language is, we pull out all the stops for our festive greetings, wishing one another a flourishing and prosperous New Year!

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