Google Wins Christmas With Brilliant Home Alone 2018 Ad!

Take a bow, Google!

Just in time for the last few days of shopping before Christmas, the tech giant has released a new ad featuring the biggest Christmas movie icon of the 90’s – Macauley Culkin.

Culkin, who is now 38 (eek!), returns as his alter ego, Kevin McCallister from the movie Home Alone, and asks Google Home Hub for the day’s schedule.

His Google Assistant informs him that there is one event listed called ‘House to yourself’.


What follows is a trip down memory lane as Culkin recreates some of Kevin’s best moments including jumping on his parents bed, applying aftershave and that infamous pizza delivery!

‘Keep the change, you filthy animal!’

Perhaps the most notable change is when he asks Google to begin ‘Operation Kevin’ to fool the burglars outside into thinking there’s a party going on in the house.

Cardboard mannequins immediately start moving around the living room, with a cutout of Kevin Durant being operated by a Roomba as opposed to an electric toy train!

Well played, Google, well played.