Greg Manahan

About Me:

I am a veteran of the advertising industry, now working in the television and digital media sector as a director.  Previously I worked on Waterford’s ABC Power 104 on the weekend schedule but my voice is very familiar to anyone who watches TV and listens to the radio as a voice over artist.

Your role at Christmas FM:


Why Christmas FM:

How could anyone not like Christmas and all those great festive tunes! When I first heard Christmas FM, I programmed it into my car radio and it’s been in there ever since. For me, I love the build up to Christmas, the lights, the buzz and that great sense of anticipation. Christmas FM just helps to heighten that anticipation and achieves that whilst helping others who badly need it. If a couple of hours of my time and a few bob out of my pocket serve to make someone’s life that little bit better then that’s Christmas for me.

My Favourite Christmas Song:

I Believe in Father Christmas – Greg Lake

My Favourite Christmas Food:

Turkey and Ham with all the veg, especially marrowfat peas – yum!

My Favourite Christmas Movie:

I know it’s not a movie but Season 1 of The West Wing – Episode 10 ‘In Excelsis Deo’ – Richard Schiff is just awesome in this!

My Favourite Christmas Tradition:

We have had a pudding march on Christmas Day for generations – text me when I’m on air and I’ll tell all!

Where I’m From:

I’m from the leafy suburbs of south Dublin with a huge connection to Waterford and the South East.

My Elf Name is:

Pudding Belly Mc Bauble