The Vast Majority Of Irish People Serve Turkey On Christmas Day

As society changes, so do people’s tastes but it seems that when it comes to Christmas, the Irish are a traditional bunch.

Despite the myriad of dinner options including goose, duck or nut loaf, the majority of Irish people will consume turkey on December 25th.

A survey carried out by Aldi revealed that 91% of people plant to serve the lean meat as part of their Christmas dinner while 83% will also serve ham.

The findings also revealed that while Christmas lunch used to be eaten quite early in the day, this has changed to late afternoon/early evening – perhaps to give time to visit friends and family in the morning.

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The majority (54%) of people will have their turkey in the oven before 8am, leaving time for hosting family and friends with almost 60% of survey respondents say they will be a guest this Christmas.

The top veggies for the all-important meal are roast potatoes (96%), carrots (89%), brussel sprouts (85%), parsnips (63%), and interestingly, red cabbage (27%).

When it comes to leftovers, the number one use for the day-old meat is a turkey sandwich. Couldn’t agree more!

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