When is the best time to shop in Dublin this Christmas?

Yes it’s that time of year! The Christmas shopping. It has to be done, it can’t be avoided but when is the best time to go into Dublin city?

A Dublin digital agency In The Company of Huskies have come up with an interesting and useful website that uses live public data to work out when is the best time to hit the streets with your ‘nice’ list in hand. The also looked back over the years to find teh busiest and quietest times on Dublin’s shopping streets.

Here are some of the discoveries they made:

  • Sunday, the supposed “Day of Rest”, lives up to its name amongst Dubliners, surprisingly ranking as the least busy shopping day of the Christmas period.
  • No surprise, however, that morning lovers enjoyed the quietest shopping times in the capital, with 9am to 11am statistically the quietest hours of the traditional 9-6 day. However, if you’re fond of a lie-in, fear not. Extended Xmas opening hours past 8pm were found to be quieter still.
  • They also quashed the urban legend of 8th December traditionally being known as the busiest day of the year for retailers. Instead, that title belongs to 19th December, when shopping should be avoided at all costs.
  • Bonafide last-minuters will know that the crowds are at their lowest on Christmas Eve, but we suggest a less risky approach. Plan your visit to the city centre on the next quietest days of December, the 2nd, 6th and 1st respectively.

Using this data and data from additional sources, they built a website, www.isdublinbusy.com, to give the people of Dublin accurate, up-to-the-minute information for efficiently planning their Xmas shopping trips. The website will interpret and relay a variety of information ranging from Dublin Bike availability and car park spaces, to public transport tweets and M50 journey times. It’s going to come in handy this Christmas.

Some of the best insights have been gathered below in this handy infographic. We hope you’ll now be well equipped to brave the Christmas battleground with a new-found confidence and, most importantly, success!

Is Dublin Busy Infographic

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