Katie Harrington

Otherwise known as Kris Kindle Katie, this is my fourth year volunteering for Christmas FM. This is by far my favourite time of year and anyone who knows me, knows that a conversation with me about Christmas is welcome at any point in the year!

Bringing baked treats and festive cheer, I am so excited to be returning to the station! Keep an ear out for me on Tuesday mornings Breaky show!

Your role at Christmas FM
Traffic & Travel
Why Christmas FM
Christmas FM genuinely brings the magic of Christmas to people all over the world. You are part of a family with Christmas FM and the amount of work and energy that goes into it is phenomenal. Each year this station raises so much money for incredibly worthy causes. I am so proud to be a part of that.
My Favourite Christmas Song
There are so many! Fairy Tale of New York.
My Favourite Christmas Food
My Dad's famous potato stuffing
My Favourite Christmas Movie
Little Women
My Favourite Christmas Tradition
My Dad making his famous potato stuffing
My Elf Name is:
Kris Kindle Katie
Where i'm from