Keane Harley

About Me:

Having spent many years presenting (and producing) programmes on RTE Radio 1, 2FM, RTE1 television, Network 2, TV3, and Eurosport in the nineties and noughties, it is a real thrill for me to be part of the Christmas FM team. Quite simply Christmas FM is the best radio station in the world and for one month every year the whole team does amazing work putting together stockingfuls of Christmas tunes and sending good cheer around the world from Ireland. It is a particular joy for me this year to have Temple Street Childrens University Hospital as our charity partner as I have been involved in fundraising with them before flying a small plane around Europe. This time rather than being in the air I’m on the air playing the music and sharing your messages.

Your role at Christmas FM:


Why Christmas FM:

Christmas FM feels like an extended family of fun-loving caring people, channelling goodwill for a really good cause.

My Favourite Christmas Song:

Depending on my mood, either The Christmas Song (Mel Torme) or Driving Home for Christmas (Chris Rea)

My Favourite Christmas Food:

The brandy butter on the christmas pudding….once a year is enough!

My Favourite Christmas Movie:

Trading Places, sort of Christmassy, but a great story and great fun.

My Favourite Christmas Tradition:

Listening to Christmas FM has become a hallmark of Christmas, – I wouldn’t be without it!

Where I’m From:

Dublin, a lovely city on the East coast of a lovely island called Ireland on the West coast of a lovely continent called Europe a bit South of the North Pole (where Santa lives).

My Elf Name is:

Partridge Gingerberry! Partridge makes magical marbles and lucky dice for all the good little children. He wears an amber and orange tunic the colour of exotic spices, and he is gifted in singing and playing music and always leads in the Christmas carols!