Laura Bury

I’m a Christmas-loving writer, who likes nothing more than giving the good folk out there the lowdown on what’s happening in the North Pole. As part of the Brekkie Crew I get the chance to do what I love: reporting back to boys and girls around the world everything that’s going on in Santa’s Grotto. I’ve got a direct line to Elf Ernest, who keeps me posted on what the reindeer are up to (they’ll be getting cracking with the reindeer games before you know it), how the elves are getting on in the toy-making, wrapping, pie-making, and candy cane departments. As well as letting everyone know what the big man himself is at! In fact, I’ve been doing this so long now, I can tell you right now that Mrs Clause is currently putting him on a diet so he can fit down your chimney (or window, or any tight space where you are on Christmas Eve).