Magic Movies with Sky Cinema: If you haven’t seen Bill Murray in Scrooged, you’re missing out!

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Everyone has certain films that they love to watch over Christmas and one that’s bound to appear on many lists is Scrooged.

Available now on Sky Cinema, this hilarious re-telling of A Christmas Carol stars Bill Murray as an unlikely Scrooge whose demons won’t let him rest until he has learned the true meaning of Christmas!


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Francis Xavier Cross is a cynical, mean spirited television executive and treats everyone who crosses his path with contempt – unless they can do something for him.

He sacked a member of staff on Christmas Eve for simply disagreeing with him and he has alienated himself from his brother who still insists on inviting Frank to Christmas dinner despite him refusing to go every year.

The only person he has ever loved is his ex-girlfriend Claire but they parted many years previously due to his selfish ways. However, Frank is forced to face who he has become when he’s visited by three ghosts.

Featuring a host of well-known actors, including Bobcat Goldthwait, Carol Kane and Robert Mitchum, this movie is a must-see over the holidays and is guaranteed to leave everyone with a smile on their face.

Discover a new premiere every day this Christmas on Sky Cinema. Scrooged is available now on Sky Cinema.

God bless us, everyone!