Paul Shepherd

I’m originally from the southside of Dublin and I’ve been living in Sutton for almost thirty years. This year I celebrated my fortieth year on air, the last ten of which have been on Christmas FM. Interestingly, over all those years I have generally ended up on the Friday evening 10 to midnight slot. Not sure why….possibly as I clash with the Late Late Show, the powers that be reckon that’s where I’ll do the least damage?!  On the plus side, the boss usually isn’t around so my deliberate mistakes go unnoticed 🙂

Working for Christmas FM has provided the opportunity to meet and collaborate with some interesting people from all walks of life. It’s also given me the chance to meet some of my heroes such as Shakin Stevens & Slade whose Christmas records I grew up with and still have on vinyl. It’s also been a sobering experience to see first hand how the various charities operate in a demanding and often tough environment. Ultimately the one thing that makes it all so special is the generosity of the listeners whose support over the last ten years has been unwavering.

Your role at Christmas FM
Director and occasional presenter (subject to the PD's indulgence)
Why Christmas FM
Christmas FM plays all the old seasonal standards not heard anywhere else. As well as "bringing the Magic of Christmas", it's also a great opportunity to raise funds and awareness for deserving charities. What's not to like?!
My Favourite Christmas Song
The Florin Street Band - My Favourite Time Of Year
My Favourite Christmas Food
Pudding and cream
My Favourite Christmas Movie
The Holiday
My Favourite Christmas Tradition
Watching Top Of The Pops on Christmas Day and Christmas FM...of course!!
My Elf Name is:
Elf Ebeneezer (as in Scrooge)