Roger Lane

About Me:

Like many, I started in pirate radio in 1978.  I worked at stations including Radio Dublin, ARD and Radio Leinster before moving to the original Sunshine Radio. More recently, I have worked on East Coast Radio – that was until my kids came along and demanded much more of my time! Now that they’ve grown up, I’ve rekindled my interest in broadcasting and I’m very happy to be a presenter on Christmas FM.

Your role at Christmas FM:


Why Christmas FM:

The best Christmas buzz at the touch of a button – what’s not to like?

My Favourite Christmas Song:

Have Yourself a Merry Little Xmas by the Pretenders. The line “From now on, our troubles will be out of sight” gets him every time!

My Favourite Christmas Food:

Guilty pleasure – Christmas pud done on the frying pan on Stephens’ Day!

My Favourite Christmas Movie:

The Santa Clause 3 – his kids watched it five hundred times so now he can watch it by just closing his eyes!

My Favourite Christmas Tradition:

Enjoying looking at his kids doing as they were told during the run up to Christmas – just in case Santa was watching.

Where I’m From:

Dublin Northside

My Elf Name is:

Florentine Frosttree. A bit of a show-off elf who likes to climb the Christmas tree and be the centre of attention!