Ruth Scott

About Me:

For me, it’s a constant struggle to stay off the naughty list! And again this year, I’ve decided to go straight to the heart of all things Christmassy and present some shows on Christmas FM. I wouldn’t be lying if I said that I’m the only person I know who LOVES brussels sprouts! I never get tired of turkey and I love having leftover turkey sandwiches for days after Christmas Day. I once got a present of a beautiful doll who, when you wound her up, would play a beautiful piece of music and the dolls head would rotate a full 360 degrees. (I think it was actually a Halloween present that arrived late!) This year, I’m asking Santy for a surprise and a month long holiday to the Bahamas. Good luck with that!!

Your role at Christmas FM:


Why Christmas FM:

Dear Santy, I’ve been really bad this year so I thought if I did some shows on Christmas FM that you’d put me back on the good list. How am I doing so far?!

My Favourite Christmas Song:

The first few seconds of Mariah Carey “All I Want for Christmas” gets me in the feels every time!

My Favourite Christmas Food:

Sprouts. Bread Sauce. Coffee creams. Generally all the stuff that other people don’t like!

My Favourite Christmas Movie:

Home Alone.

My Favourite Christmas Tradition:

Turning off my phone for the day & enjoying the day with the hubby.

Where I’m From:

My 7 older siblings always told me that I came from under a head of cabbage. Who am I to question their knowledge! I’m originally from a tiny town called Elphin but did all my teenage growing up in Roscommon. I went to university and worked for a while in Limerick. I have been living in Dublin for about 20 years.

My Elf Name is:

Rootles Tootles!