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Make someone’s Christmas Extra special, by saying Hello to them on the radio yourself. This is where you can easily send your greetings for us to play on Christmas FM. If the content is good enough quality and you stick to the guidelines, we will play your greeting on air on Christmas FM. There are a few ways to send us your greeting. If you are looking to contact the Station for another reason please go here

  1. You can record and upload from your phone/tablet or Computer here 
  2. In Ireland you can call us and leave your greeting as a voicemail – 01 9011772
  3. In the UK you can call us and leave your greeting as a voicemail – 020 71832005


Send us your greeting here. (for help on how to record a greeting click here)

Guidelines and Help

An example of a greeting is:

“Hi i’m John, and i’m Jennie we want to say hello to all our friends in Scotland including The Robinsons and Smiths, and our daughter Jill in New York, and Son Jeff in Sydney, we are really looking forward to seeing you here for Christmas. We want to wish all the Christmas FM listeners a very happy Christmas and finally hello to Boo the dog who loves all the Christmas music”

  • Keep your recording under 30 seconds (greetings over 30 sec will not be used)
  • Be upbeat, and stick to the guidelines
  • You can send it in a few ways (see above)
  • By submitting your greeting you give us permission to play it on all radio stations
  • Do not use profanity or any language other than English
  • It is at our discretion whether we play your greeting on air

For android users, just click Add File above and choose voice recorder, when you are finished the file should upload

For iOS users, choose a Voice Recorder app, record your greeting and then choose it using Add File above

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Welcome to Christmas FM, to contact an individual radio station please visit our radio player and you can email the station from there. This contact form is just for Admin and Sales. Enjoy the worlds best Christmas Radio!

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