Seán Coffey

It’s my second year involved with the crew at Christmas FM. I grew up in Wicklow but now I’m living in Dublin and working as a personal trainer and fitness coach. But when the Christmas season comes around the corner, it’s time to stop the cardio and start the carolling!

I am a huge fan of Christmas and I’m one of those people that goes over the top decorating the house, while Christmas FM blares in the background. As well as my love for Christmas, I am a sports fan too, particularly American Football (I even have an American football themed Christmas jumper!). When it’s not the Christmas season or work, I’m usually trying my hand at playing different sports and trying something new

I really enjoyed working with the Christmas FM team in 2017 and look forward to being involved again this year and for many years to come.


Your role at Christmas FM
Why Christmas FM
I have been a big fan of the station since it started and I jumped at the opportunity to be involved in 2017. Forget the turning on the lights and everything else, once you hear the first song played on Christmas FM, the countdown has truly begun!
My Favourite Christmas Song
Wham - Last Christmas
My Favourite Christmas Food
I know it's rare, but Brussels sprouts at Christmas narrowly beats out the turkey and stuffing with gravy
My Favourite Christmas Movie
Die Hard
My Favourite Christmas Tradition
Watching all the Die Hards on Christmas week (there was only 3 when I started this tradition!)
My Elf Name is:
Coach Elf
Where i'm from
Originally from Newcastle in Wicklow, I am now living in Dublin on the Navan Road.