The Cpl Christmas FM Survey

The Cpl Christmas FM Survey 2021 results are in!  We asked the important and fun questions of the season and you answered.  Here are the results –

Ireland is dreaming of a green Christmas this year with over half of the country changing their traditional celebrations to positively impact climate change

  • 75% say they will opt for a fake tree over a real one due to climate action 
  • 38% say they will do all their Christmas shopping with local businesses this year
  • Liam Neeson is voted as the number one celebrity Christmas guest 
  • Home Alone is declared the most Iconic Christmas movie in Ireland for 2021
  • 30% of Irish shoppers are looking to spend between €250 and €500 on Christmas presents this year
  • Nearly a quarter (23%) are looking to change job in 2022

A new survey conducted by Cpl and Christmas FM has revealed that 53% of Irish people say climate action will affect their Christmas celebrations this year, with some reducing the number of lights and decorations as a result of climate worries and rising electricity bills.

Although 60% of the nation say rising electricity bills won’t affect their Christmas lights and decorations this year, just under a quarter (24%) say they will reduce the number of lights due to rising costs.

A massive 75% of people are opting for a fake tree this year due to climate worries compared to just a quarter (25%) who say they need that traditional smell at home! 

Supporting local will also be high on the Irish agenda this year with over half (53%) saying they will continue to support local business and 38% saying ALL their Christmas shopping will be done locally this year!

Irish people have also revealed that Liam Neeson would be their choice for a celebrity Christmas dinner guest, from the past or present, with the Love Actually star winning 24% of the public vote. Singer Niall Horan was number two at 20% while Sean Connery, who sadly passed away last year, was number three on the list at 17%. 

The full list of most wanted Christmas dinner guest from the past or present was as follows:

  1. Liam Neeson – 24%
  2. Niall Horan – 20%
  3. Sean Connery – 17%
  4. Amy Winehouse – 12%
  5. Colin Farrell – 10%
  6. Saoirse Ronan – 10%
  7. Pele – 5%
  8. Miriam O’Callaghan – 3%

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