Time to brush up on your Bingo Lingo!

Now, I am a big fan of Bingo and funnily enough it always reminds me of Christmas. It’s a family tradition to attend the Christmas Bingo festivities at our local golf club. We dress in our Christmas jumpers, maybe a casual piece of tinsel in the hair and stuff our faces with Cadbury Roses. To be honest the Roses are a necessary form of sustenance, the speed of this game is on another level.


So, if you would like to replicate a very fun session of Bingo in the comfort of your own home, than look no further. Here at Christmas Fm we have all the tips and tricks you will need. First things first you will need a bingo board. Here is a pdf of a festive bingo board, all you need to do in download and print it. Then in your local arts and crafts store pick up some red felt.

The christmassy symbols are printed with the bingo boards and the felt cut into circles as bingo markers.

How to Play?

Appoint someone to the very important job of drawing the festive cards from a Santa hat calling them out to the eagerly awaiting bingo-ers., once a player has four in a row? BINGO! Keep playing until the whole sheet is filled.

If you are a particularly artistic person than feel free to draw up a festive-filled bingo board. But let’s be realistic here, somehow our ‘time’ around Christmas is like gold dust. We go from being a free and available individual in November (or is that just me?)  to all of sudden having NO TIME due to being a very sociable tinsel wearing butterfly. So, print those PDFs with gusto! 

Written By Kris Kindle Katie

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