Video Of Irish Pensioners Talking About Christmas ‘Long Ago’ Has Gone Viral

If you’re looking for the true meaning of Christmas, look no further than ‘Christmas In My Day’ published by Taller Stories.

The four and a half minute clip shows Irish pensioners discussing what the holidays were like for them when they were growing up.

They also comment on the vast difference between then and now, with several suggesting that even though they had a lot less, they were probably better off.

From decorating the trees in the Phoenix Park because there was none at home to getting balloons and pens as presents, there wasn’t much to go around but they all have fond memories of that time of year.

74-year-old Rose said that she believes technology has changed things – and not for the better.

She said: ‘Year’s ago, it was Christmas, you believed in everything, there’s too much of this …phones.

‘No conversations, just always on the phone. That’s the way it is since all this technology came out.’

When asked what they wanted for Christmas, they all said that their greatest wish was to see their families happy and healthy – and to be around for next Christmas!

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