I loved music and radio from a very early age through the great good fortune of having an older sister who bought records and listened to Radio Caroline at the tail end of the ’60s. I developed an interest in things electrical when I stuck a brass chain into a mains socket at the tender age of five and blew myself across the kitchen.  Kids don’t try this at home, it’s not clever.

Through the impressionable teenage years I started DJing and running gigs in the community centre in Howth. Paid a fresh faced U2 a princely sum of £84 which would just about get you a tickets these days!

Through the 80s and 90s was to be heard on various unlicensed stations and was part the crew who ran Premier FM through their temporary licenses. Kept up the DJing working in the likes of Legs in Dublin’s Leeson Street in the heyday of the strip and in the legendary (if you’re of a certain age) Bull and Bear in Stillorgan.

Was part of the gang of four who sat outside a pub one August evening and thought, rather unseasonably, that Christmas Radio might be fun. Luckily it seems we were right and 8 years on Chrismas FM goes from strength to strength.

I love the fact that each year work with a different charity, it helps to add some purpose to the outrageous fun the station is. I also love the fact that so many others give up their time to be part of the adventure.

Best bit of Christmas FM for me is being on air 12.00-2.00 on Chistmas day. The text line is just awash with love and goodwill, the real magic of Christmas.

Favourite Christmas song (depends on mood so these are my three!)

Felice Navidad: Jose Feliciano, Sleigh Ride: Ronettes and Driving Home for Christmas: Chris Rea (That’s a dad thing I think)

Guilty Pleasure:

The Carpenters, Merry Christmas Darling

Really Guilty Pleasure:

Christmas Shoes (Cheesetastic but still brings a tear)

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