You Will Get Props For This One!

Do you want to be the hostessessessess of all hostesses? Well we have the icing on the cake, the thing that will tip it over the edge and bring your host status to an unbeatable level.

Let’s face it, Props make everything more fun. From a party popper to a crown made of balloons, they bring life to a party and give people an excuse to let lose (if the mulled wine hasn’t helped enough with that already).

The only thing you need to provide is a printer, wooden sticks, glue and patience.

Check out this blog for the free download and instructions of what to do. So easy!


These printable props can either be left on the dinner table for people to play with OR if you want to take it to another level altogether. Dedicate a section of a room for prop pictures. Make a fun festive background and let the guests do the rest of the work. This would also make for a great feature at a work Christmas party too!

Happy Posing!


Written by Kris Kindle Katie

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