You’ll Never Give a Present the Same Way Again!

Why just hand someone a Christmas present when you can make it fun, hilarious or ridiculously difficult for the recipient. Here are a few ideas of exchanging gifts this festive season:

The Rotating Gift Box:

Wrap up a box with a few little bits for a friend, along with a note. Post it off. This friend then takes out their gifts and note, adds in their gifts and note for the next person. Until eventually the box ends up back at you with a note and presents for you.

The Hot Potato:

Every year we receive a present that leaves us feeling underwhelmed and perhaps a bit confused. It sounds ungrateful and well, yes it is. But instead of burying it deep alongside the numerous other bath sets, or weird and wonderful ornaments, save it and send it off to someone the following year. It is then their job to send it onto to someone else.

Bad Santa:

This is a really fun version of the traditional Kris Kindle. Every put the presents in the middle of the circle. Names are drawn out of the hat. The first person chooses a present and opens it, the second person can either steal that persons present or choose another. The third person can choose from person 1 and person 2’s presents or open another one and this continues on until the last person has the choice of everyone’s presents.

Stringle Bells:

Now this is gas. Get different colour string, the same number as people receiving presents. Dedicate a room to the present adventure. Attach the relevant colour string to each present and begin to wind it around the room, furniture, curtains, you get the idea. Make it as difficult an obstacle course as possible with each different coloured string. Then hand the end of the string to each person and let them start the quest to find their present! Make sure you hand the right colour to the right person…that could get awkward.

Happy Gift-giving!


Written by Kris Kindle Katie

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