Davin O’ Callaghan

I have had a love for music & communications since the early 80’s as a kid growing up on Dublin’s Southside.  My late father Donie Cal, a proud Cork man, introduced me to & bought me Walkie Talkies & CB radios in my teens, which led into mobile DJing & later into clubs.  I have played in most of the nightclubs in Dublin over the last few decades.  My radio adventures began with school pals at WQXI 91 FM, Dublin South FM, St Vincent’s Hospital Radio, Liberties Local Radio, Capital Radio, Rock 104, KCLR, & Radio Nova.  Early TV work included Youngline, Anything Goes & Nighthawks with RTE & most recently as an extra in the movie Brooklyn.  I am currently producing a new independent TV programme & a few radio programmes – while of course, as always, chasing the next gig!

Your role at Christmas FM
Why Christmas FM
Thinking about it, there's a gap for a few years growing up where the fascination of all things Christmas as a kid possibly drifted a little between my teens to becoming a young man, which I don't think is unusual, as sometimes life gets in the way. Then after my two great young sons Finn (6) & Kyle (9) were born, I welcomed the familiar fascination with all things Christmas back into my life. Christmas FM warms my heart - I love this feeling and I am extremely proud to play a small part in bringing the magic of Christmas!
My Favourite Christmas Song
Bob Dylan - Must be Santa. "What a track!" ( one of my my favourite sayings).
My Favourite Christmas Food
Honey glazed parsnips - mmm, love em!
My Favourite Christmas Movie
National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
My Favourite Christmas Tradition
No gifts are to be opened until all the family are in the room to open them together.
My Elf Name is:
Davin 'Jingles' O' Callaghan
Where i'm from
I grew up in Churchtown on Dublin's southside, but I'm living in Enniscorthy, Co Wexford for the last ten years. It really is the sunny south East, with fantastic people & world class beaches.