Cpl Talent Solutions Christmas FM Survey – Results

‘Tis the season to be jolly and spend time with the folk we love and the pressies are just a sideshow – that’s according to heartwarming new research.

The Cpl Talent Solutions and Christmas FM survey found the main attraction of Christmas for 63 percent of us is spending time with friends and family with only a mere 3.5 percent most looking forward to giving and receiving gifts. 

In the glow of goodwill and positive vibes this annual survey has sparked off we will give this 3.5 percent gang the benefit of the doubt and assume what they are most gearing up for is seeing the joy on family and friends faces when they unwrap their well chosen gifts, and not just dreaming of the stuff they expect to get. 

These results show people care about what they give. Nearly one in three will spend more on an environmentally friendly version of a gift and amid a cost of living crisis (sadly 18 percent said it is too pricey to keep the Christmas lights on) we felt this is a pretty good show. 

A stunning 19 percent of people keep an eager eye out all year around to buy presents for family and friends, 41 percent get their presents sorted in November. Only 4 percent can be found tearing around supermarkets at 4pm on Christmas frantically searching for gifts, any gifts, to panic buy. 

Top fantasy Christmas dinner guests included the much loved Michael D Higgins, Colin Farrell and Niall Horan.

Interesting societal observations emerged such as only three percent of us would not be horsing into meat on the big day. It can feel like the world has gone vegan but Christmas dinner is the acid test with 78 plumping for the turkey or ham. Nearly half will go to a religious service with 35 percent choosing to attend on Christmas Eve. 

Some other results were shocking though. A disturbing 67percent never put tinsel on the tree (why, oh why?), and 22 percent said multi coloured lights were a “no-no”.  Which is unforgivable really as the dog on the streets know the multi lights are a mood lifter.

Other interesting information gleaned was that 36 percent would not buy a gift that was recommended by an influencer, one in five spent over one thousand euro (though sadly not anyone we know).

However, elsewhere other important priorities remain intact such as thirty percent saying Home Alone is their favorite holiday movie while only six percent said Die Hard. Proper order. Only thirteen percent of people said what film to watch on Christmas Day would likely spark off an argument so we can deduct from that information we mostly live in a harmonious world.

But it appears, having a wonderful Christmas can also involve accepting that humans are flawed, that when families gather, altercations can break out. Thirty four percent of people said this would happen in their home. Mostly because people are tired and cranky – twenty four percent said this.

The trick, and this applies to life in general, is not to set standards too high! So you can’t be disappointed. Having said that, we should not just accept our lot in life ;  we should strive to get the best for ourselves. 

Which is what the 16 percent of respondents who said a new career is on the cards next year, with this their top new year’s resolution, believe. The only person who can change your life is you! 

So this Christmas, get some kip coming up to the big day and don’t be the one to start the scrap in your family. Happy Christmas!

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