Jessica Spencer

About Me:

I’m a presenter, freelance writer and frontline worker! At Christmas FM, I’m delighted to join the team.  You’ll also hear my book recommendations throughout the day.

I also co-present the What Would You Do If? podcast, which looks at the stuff we should have learned in school, like what to do if aliens attack!  In the past, I created content for YouTube and performed spoken word around Dublin.

Your role at Christmas FM:


Why Christmas FM:

I love Christmas music as it’s usually so fun and upbeat. Every year, I used to get excited listening to Christmas FM when my favourite festive hits played. But this year, I get to be the one that plays them!

My Favourite Christmas Song:

Either Britney’s ‘My Only Wish This Year’ or ‘Like It’s Christmas’ by the Jonas Brothers

My Favourite Christmas Food:


My Favourite Christmas Movie:

As a child, ‘An All Dogs Christmas Carol.’ As an adult, ‘The Holiday!’

My Favourite Christmas Tradition:

Going shopping on Christmas Eve – because I usually buy myself new eyeshadow for the next day!

Where I’m From:


My Elf Name is:

Jingle Jess