Mark Manning

About Me:

I’ve had the radio bug since the mid-seventies, as all I ever wanted to be was be a full-time radio broadcaster! Life took me in a different direction and the world of corporate sales beckoned. However, happening in the background were stints as a radio DJ, beginning with pirates Radio Dublin & Sunshine 101FM through to the present day licensed stations – up to a total of 15 stations that I’ve worked with in the past. I’ve also taken forays into hospital radio (St James) and TV presenting (City Channel).

Since 2013, I have managed ‘Mark Manning Media’ which is largely a voice-over recording company. I still pop up on the dial in places such as RTE’s ‘The History Show’.  Someday I hope that my Christmas wish will come true – to return to radio for good!

Your role at Christmas FM:


Why Christmas FM:

This station reaffirms my belief that people are fundamentally good. Doing something I love knowing full well it’s contributing to worthy charitable causes makes it a dream gig. As I say to our listeners far and wide “You make it happen every year – you are Christmas FM!”.

My Favourite Christmas Song:

‘Last Christmas’ by Wham

My Favourite Christmas Food:

Pudding & Brandy

My Favourite Christmas Movie:

Home Alone

My Favourite Christmas Tradition:

The Family get-together!

Where I’m From:


My Elf Name is:

Twinkle Tinsel Pants