Ollie Clarke

I have been involved in radio since the 80’s working as a radio presenter and V/O artist with many of the popular radio stations at the time such as Radio West, Erneside and A.R.D.  To date I have also been a presenter with Northern Sound, Spirit Radio and I am currently working with Radio Maria. I have been involved with Christmas FM since its beginning, receiving a phone call to ask if I would like to be part of Christmas FM to present some shows. I was delighted to accept and to be part of what is now an amazing team today.  I’m convinced that Christmas FM makes a great difference in peoples’ lives – those we raise much needed funds for and those we entertain around the world.

Your role at Christmas FM
Why Christmas FM
It is a great way of raising money for Charities as well as being very entertaining
My Favourite Christmas Song
Merry Christmas everyone Shakin Stevens
My Favourite Christmas Food
Everything Yum Yum
My Favourite Christmas Movie
My Favourite Christmas Tradition
Gathering together as one big Family
My Elf Name is:
Jolly Ollie
Where i'm from
Oldcastle Co. Meath