8 Alternative Christmas Decoration Ideas For Small Spaces

When you live or work in a confined space, it can be difficult to get into the Christmas spirit. As much as you try to embrace the festive cheer that seems to be going on all around you, the lack of decorations can make everything seem a bit flat. With no space for lights or tinsel, let alone a tree, you might be tempted not to bother at all this year.

Thankfully, all is not lost. We’ve put together a few ideas to decorate your tiny office/apartment/cell, so you don’t have to miss out on becoming one with your inner interior designer.

1. Decal Christmas Tree

via stickerhogwalldecals.com

Because nobody likes spending January picking pine needles out of their carpet anyway.

2. Christmas Bed Linen


Surprisingly less common than we first thought.

3. Decorate Your Bannister

via styleathome.com
via styleathome.com

…and take things to another level!

4. Seasonal Calendars

via troybronsink.typepad.com
via troybronsink.typepad.com

Always advent-ageous.

5. Seat Covers


These can really help spread the Christmas chair.

6. Mistletoe


Because being too close isn’t always a bad thing.

7. Re-arrange your home library


We promise this will make you proud of your shelf!

8. Dress-up your favourite friend


When all else fails.

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