How about a game of Christmas Charades!

Charades is a classic game. There is no denying it. It is a game we all play growing up and is synonymous with big groups of people laughing their heads off. It involves channeling our imagination, inner child and goofiness. It is imperative that you leave all sanity and ‘caring of what people think of you’ at the door.

Like most things, when they are tweaked and twinkled with some Christmas sprinkle they become extra special. So without further ado, we would like to introduce you to CHRISTMAS CHARADES!

The same rules apply, so let’s say you have a group of sixteen people. Split the group into four groups of four. A person from each team, in turn, chooses a word from a Santa hat and proceeds to act it out for their team. No speaking, noises or pointing at hinting objects. Click here to download a sample list of charade words to act out.

This is guaranteed to bring every family member together for an hour or two of giggles and team work. It’s important to remember that after two glasses of mulled wine, your ability to make sense through actions will either vastly improve or be a total disaster. Speaking from experience, myself and my family end up in a heap of laughter before we’ve even begun.

Happy Acting!

Written by Kris Kindle Katie 

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